Anxiety and Repugnance in Las Vegas

I went to Vegas with the wife earlier this year and I really wanted to see Mac King. I am an amatuer magician and I always loved his specials from the World Greatest Magic television shows in the 90’s. He would show the audience how to do simple magic tricks and I would go to school and show my friends, so he is a big reason I got into magic. I got tickets with the wife for The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s. I was really excited I had brought some “special” brownies for the trip. I decided a fucking magic show is the perfect time to trip the light fantastic, so I took half of the brownie and didn’t feel much. I took the rest about half an hour later and went to the show. As we entered the theater it really kicked in.

My body began to vibrate ever so slightly and all of the colors in the room got vibrant and warm. The show started and Mac was hilarious. I was really enjoying myself and laughing extra hard because I wanted Mac to know how much I appreciate his art, and I was high as fuck. Then came time for a volunteer. It somehow never crossed my mind. I immediately swore Mac was staring right at me so I pretended to look down and tie my shoe(?) Or something and when I looked up Mac was right in front of me with his hand out. He looked like a malevolent demon and with a smile said “hi, Im Mac.” I instinctively said “hi, Im James” and he said “Everyone, welcome James to the stage.” I have never heard my wife laugh so hard in my life.

The rest is kind of a blur. I got on stage and there was an endless sea of people in the audience. Luckily the stage lighting made it kind of hard to see them, which helped. I would suddenly get a wave of “WHATTHEFUCKAMIDOINGHERE” and my knees would shake. I am proud to say I only almost lost consciousness and passed out twice. He chose a very simple “is the ball in my pocket or in the container” (a tube of oatmeal if you’re curious) trick which was easy enough to follow, thank God. The big reveal was the ball had to be in the container at the end because I saw him put the fucking ball in an empty container. When he reached in, he pulled out a FUCKING GUINEA PIG! It was incredible! The rest of the show was great, probably, to be honest I don’t remember the rest very well. I promptly went to my hotel room after the show and passed out for a couple hours.

~James Wilder

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