Starbucks Poetry

I have been too busy trying to catch up with homework and other projects to post anything recently. I thought I would make a quick little poem (mostly because I am procrastinating. I hope you like it.

Impressions at Starbucks

Predatory stares for real estate

Sent pictures of patrons by patrons for online mockery


Called out drinks repeated, waiting, gathering condensation

Rampant boredom while stressful posturing

Pleasantries with a side of self importance

Kids do not have these problems, they want snacks

Jealous of the homeless man, making art with crayons in the corner


Jazz and delicious smells of coffee as expected

Earbuds on 29% of ears

Sudden rushes, people migrating as waves

Straw wrapper under a table

I contemplate how long it has escaped its compartmentalization

Pretend to create but honestly just distracted

~James Wilder

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